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Earthy Essentials with Lynn Bartley

Echinacea Whole Plant

Echinacea Whole Plant

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Echinacea is closely related to sunflowers and daisies, with a tongue-tingling taste. The distinctive flower features 12 to 20 large, spreading purple rays and a conical disk made up of numerous purple, tubular florets.

Echinacea is an excellent immune stimulant; it's primary use and association. Echinacea is thought to be the best detoxifying agent in Western Herbalism. It is a natural antibiotic and counters the effects of many poisons. It cleanses the blood and lymph systems and catalyses the action of white blood cells.

Actions include: antimicrobial, anti-allergenic, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic.

Common medicinal uses include: as an immune stimulant, to remove toxins, to fight infection, to cleanse the blood, lymph system, kidneys and liver. Fights bacteria, viruses, fungi and microbes.

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